Saturday, February 28, 2009

For an Ambience Royal Yet Economical

An electric fireplace insert is simply a stove that you can insert into your existing fireplace. At one time or another, you will discover that your chimney or your fireplace is in an unfavorable condition. And realizing the convenience of using an electric insert, you may just want to give it a try.

It is very pleasing to learn that these gadgets come in several accents such as chrome, brass or black options that can easily blend with the house interior. Some contemporary models even use other materials and come in sizes that will suit your taste. A common useful factor among these devices using electric flame fireplace insert is the effect of a flickering flame. The feel of enjoying an interactive fire is present, consequently giving your home the cozy, warm appeal amidst the cold weather. Depending on the unit, the heating capacity ranges from 4200btus to 5000btus. The standard 3 prong, 110 volt electric outlet is used in all the models. Most of the electric flame fire place insert types come with a heater that can be conveniently used at times when you just want to diffuse off the chill. For times when you need to set the mood and enjoy a visual flicker, the ‘flame’ setting can be turned on.

The most outstanding characteristic present in an electric fire place insert is its ability to present a visually convincing flame movement, thanks to the advances in technology. Your guests will have difficulty distinguishing whether the believable fire is originating from gas or from electricity. Unlike malfunctioning, old chimneys that require proper ventilation, an electric flame fireplace insert do no emit any fumes. You will be relieved to learn that the annoying smell no longer lingers in the air. The potential mood spoiler is forever gone. A complicated installation process is never a problem, as using this insert requires a simple plugging the way you would your television set.

Having this device will also allow you the flexibility of creating dancing flames at any time of the day, in any weather conditions. This simply means that the dramatic mood can be had whenever the occasion calls for it, be it a romantic home dinner or an intimate social gathering. Convenience is paired with economical as you may use the electric flame fireplace insert at any place you wish. Installation is not permanent. The device can be taken off to be transferred to your room or far off to your rest house by the woods whenever you need to. There is no need to spend on several units. The expense of running a gas line and plug-in fire chimney is also spared. The electric consumption is neither a budget threat because it delightfully consumes a mere 2 cents per hour on the flame setting and around 7 cents per hour on the heater setting.

At times when you’d like to go back to your old firewood, the insert can easily be removed from the fireplace to give way to the traditional burning. But with the versatility, convenience and economy of using an electric fireplace insert, would you want to?

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