Monday, March 2, 2009

Advantages of Having One

An electric fireplace insert plays a major role in every family life. Images of warm, cozy fires flickering in the background as couples share a memorable dinner, or simply a source of heat amidst laughter and gift giving during Christmastime, a fireplace is an undeniable part of the American culture.

There is a trend towards using an electric flame fireplace insert over the traditional fireplace technique of burning wood. This is because the advantages of using an electric insert are just so numerous and appealing that it is hard to ignore this new device.

First and foremost, for those homes without a fireplace and are considering one, the cost of having a chimney and a fireplace built can be staggering. It can reach up to $7,000.00! An electric flame fireplace insert is very cost efficient one doesn’t need to tear down the walls. In a boxed kit that can be bought from the stores, the simple installation can be done in one day. The cabinet can be attached to the walls using screws, and an insulated box containing the electrical logs is slid in the middle of the cabinet for an instant realistic fire. Some models come in a convenient standing free style that plugging in the cord to the outlet is all it takes to have a warm fireplace.

The electric fireplace insert is also considered to be more efficient in trapping the heat for maximum use inside the room. Heat loss commonly occurs in the traditional wood fireplace since heat travels in the upward direction and instead of giving out warmth into the room the wood burning fireplace sucks in the heat and throws it out into the chimney. Some of the electric insert is attached with a blower that blows out heat out through the front vent towards the room.

The electric fireplace is very portable and can be useful for moving, say to another room or to another house. It is considered as indoor furniture and one can keep it as one moves into a new home. Being electric and automatic, a warm fireplace can be had at anytime of the day, in any kind of season. It is equipped with an option of having a heater only to turn down the chill or creating a realistic, brightly burning flame.

The obvious but hard not to mention advantage of an electric flame fireplace insert is the absence of ash and soot. Much time and effort will be saved from not having to clean out after every fireplace warming sessions. Since the flames are not real, any incident of burning or fire is avoided. Even the exterior of the insulated fireplace box is not warm to the touch. This is especially comforting to those households with pets or children.

This delightful electric device also comes in various designs and sizes that make it easy to fit in small spaces such as condominiums and rooms.

The reasons for using the electric fireplace insert are very appealing it is fast becoming a popular alternative heat source. In these times, big savings coupled with convenience is a welcome treat.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Better Alternative to Wood

The electric flame fireplace insert has, literally, taken the place of wood in the fireplace. A fireplace, as everyone knows, is a necessity in every home. It creates a sense of comfort and warmth direly needed during a nasty, cold weather. There is nothing like the cozy heat from a blazing fire in the hearth, as one is comfortably snuggled with a cup of warm chocolate beside it. A major disadvantage however, to the traditional fireplace that burns wood, is that the heat gets easily lost. This holds true to the masonry type of fireplace and even to those built from a factory.

What makes the traditional fireplaces not extremely efficient by nature is due to the natural flow of warm air. Instead of giving out fire and warmth, fireplaces pull in the warm air from the room, into the fire and out of the chimney. Warm air travels upward and this is the simple reason that makes traditional fireplaces ineffective and the preferable use of an electric flame fireplace insert comes into the picture. In extreme temperatures below freezing points, the energy exhausted by a fireplace exceed the ones it is supposed to create.

In a fire insert, a closed combustion system is created through a box made of fireproof steel or iron, with an insulated glass front. With the heat effectively trapped, some inserts are equipped with blowers to help push the warm air through the front vents and out into the room. This makes the electric fireplace insert a better and more efficient heater than the traditional wood-burning technique.

The major advantage of using an electric fireplace over wood is the absence of inconvenient storing and cutting of wooden logs. Wood as a fuel gets depleted and that translates to the unavoidable cost of replenishment. An additional cost is also presented for the necessary wood storage place, where they should be kept warm and dry. Unlike the electric fireplace insert, burned wood needs to be cautiously checked to determine that the fire had been totally put out, before sleep or before leaving the house, to avoid the danger of the house catching fire. An electric fireplace is automatically off once unplugged, so that saves all the hassles of worrying and waiting. Burning wood also poses the risks of unpleasant incidents like stray sparks or mistakes that can burn one’s skin. Households with children or pets are not entirely safe around a burning wooden fireplace. An electric flame fireplace insert does not need any complicated installation process to start running. This saves a lot of precious time. Even after use, as compared to the messy cleanup required for wooden fireplaces, the electric ones do not need to be vacuumed. An electric insert does not emit soot or ash.

People used to spend a lot for installation of wooden fireplaces that they end up not using at all because of the presented inconveniences. They have been starting to realize that an electric flame fireplace insert is the better alternative to wood.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

For an Ambience Royal Yet Economical

An electric fireplace insert is simply a stove that you can insert into your existing fireplace. At one time or another, you will discover that your chimney or your fireplace is in an unfavorable condition. And realizing the convenience of using an electric insert, you may just want to give it a try.

It is very pleasing to learn that these gadgets come in several accents such as chrome, brass or black options that can easily blend with the house interior. Some contemporary models even use other materials and come in sizes that will suit your taste. A common useful factor among these devices using electric flame fireplace insert is the effect of a flickering flame. The feel of enjoying an interactive fire is present, consequently giving your home the cozy, warm appeal amidst the cold weather. Depending on the unit, the heating capacity ranges from 4200btus to 5000btus. The standard 3 prong, 110 volt electric outlet is used in all the models. Most of the electric flame fire place insert types come with a heater that can be conveniently used at times when you just want to diffuse off the chill. For times when you need to set the mood and enjoy a visual flicker, the ‘flame’ setting can be turned on.

The most outstanding characteristic present in an electric fire place insert is its ability to present a visually convincing flame movement, thanks to the advances in technology. Your guests will have difficulty distinguishing whether the believable fire is originating from gas or from electricity. Unlike malfunctioning, old chimneys that require proper ventilation, an electric flame fireplace insert do no emit any fumes. You will be relieved to learn that the annoying smell no longer lingers in the air. The potential mood spoiler is forever gone. A complicated installation process is never a problem, as using this insert requires a simple plugging the way you would your television set.

Having this device will also allow you the flexibility of creating dancing flames at any time of the day, in any weather conditions. This simply means that the dramatic mood can be had whenever the occasion calls for it, be it a romantic home dinner or an intimate social gathering. Convenience is paired with economical as you may use the electric flame fireplace insert at any place you wish. Installation is not permanent. The device can be taken off to be transferred to your room or far off to your rest house by the woods whenever you need to. There is no need to spend on several units. The expense of running a gas line and plug-in fire chimney is also spared. The electric consumption is neither a budget threat because it delightfully consumes a mere 2 cents per hour on the flame setting and around 7 cents per hour on the heater setting.

At times when you’d like to go back to your old firewood, the insert can easily be removed from the fireplace to give way to the traditional burning. But with the versatility, convenience and economy of using an electric fireplace insert, would you want to?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Electric Flame Fireplace Insert Installation – A Step by Step Guide

The introduction of electric fireplace insert has helped a lot of people against the hassles and the hazards of maintaining a wooden fireplace. People can now discard inconvenient wood logs to pave the way for the marvelous electric fireplace. With all of the positive benefits and convenience one can get from electric flame fireplace insert, everyone is trying to have one installed. Here are some steps to help in the easy installation of these gadgets.
Do not be fazed about the seemingly complicated term for this type of a fireplace. Installation is so easy that purchase and setting up can be accomplished in just one day. The first step is to decide on the best location for this gadget. Look around the house and see which nook would be the most inviting for a fireplace gathering. Deciding on a location however, should not only be based on emotions and visual impression. Make sure that the spot is close to an electrical outlet. If a certain space is the pressing request for an electric fireplace insert to be placed, have an outlet installed before buying the unit. The reason for this proximity issue is that one wouldn’t want electrical cords sprawling out across the floor like a snake. Make sure that the electric fireplace can be placed in such a way that it hides the plug and the cord. There is nothing more effective in spoiling the real effect of flickering flames than cord and plugs sticking out all over the space.
The next step consists of actually purchasing the unit with the design and size that complement one’s needs. Since the product almost always comes with a detailed description, one can choose the model with the most energy efficient capacity in order to save on electrical costs. This initial step in buying an electric fireplace insert is also crucial in design or style decisions. Since the apparatus is going to be enjoyed by the whole family, it would be best to seek each of the family member’s opinion and gain consensus on the final purchase to ensure satisfaction of everyone.
Once reaching home, lay out all of the fireplace parts for easy assembly. The base of the fireplace is usually provided preassembled. Figure out the front portion, which is usually the insulated glass part, and the back portion, which is usually the wooden part of the cabinet. Place the back part against the wall and carefully attach with the screws provided. After attaching the cabinet, the firebox can then be placed inside it. Attach the front part by screwing on the glass cover. Plug the cord to see if all the logs flicker and work as described. Some units are even manufactured as ‘free standing’, which can be used for cases when one doesn’t want to perform wall attachments. Plugging in the cord is the only step to be done to make it work.
Installing electric flame fireplace insert has never been so easy. Requiring a little amount of labor and at an affordable price, this electric insert is a welcome addition in perking up one’s home.